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Rainbow of Chaos

This project is an experiment of the photos that can be created at your backyard. The main inspiration for this shoot was to try out unconventional usage of pros to play with light. 



KALAKRIDA is an art intensive summer camp for Government School Children by AHUM in collaboration with Satya foundation. Kids from the near by areas like Agrahara, Sampigehalli, Jakkur, Jakkur Layout etc. are gathered and a 21 day workshop is conducted. The aim of this initiative is not really to get them tuned to a certain form, in a certain way, but to really allow them to organically express what they feel. Kalakrida has been completely crowdfunded and would want to take it to the next stage to really understand how this exposure, at this art camp is really making a difference in these children.


Uttara Karnataka


Video Dante

The project is a product of a long-distance collaboration between Instabili Vaganti, the Indian classical dancer Anuradha Venkataraman and the Indian Association Culture Monks in which I was involved as a cinematographer. Under the production of the Italian Cultural Institute of New Delhi and the Consulate of Calcutta, the project aimed at exploring the numerous connections between Dante's work and Indian culture, from an iconographic, philosophical and theological point of view.

Riders series (1 of 3).jpg

Faces Of Bengaluru

FoB is a platform where stories of inspiration are brought into light.
Being a photojournalist, I had to interview people and portray their stories with a picture. FoB helped me in reaching out to new people from different walks of life.


Siri and Sridhar

As a photographer, my creativity has led me to many adventures and has given me the chance to collaborate with some truly talented individuals. This gallery is a contribution to the artwork of Vrithra, a kannada film directed by Gautham Iyer.

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